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Roumen Damianoff

Hello! My name is Roumen Damianoff, I am young web developer from Bulgaria, with great passion for programming, interest in high technologies and innovations in the IT field.

I work mainly as web developer and prefer to do the back-end tasks like working with databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis), server side programming (PHP, Java, Python), development of content management systems (CMS) and other specific web projects using popular frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Zend, CodeIgniter) or creating new ones, development and integration of API's (Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub) and administration of servers and services.

Additionally if necessary I can perform some front-end tasks such as integration of templates, optimization for mobile devices (responsive web design), working with Bootstrap, JQuery, Vue and other front-end libraries.

Sometimes I do some graphic design work, but I don't consider myself a graphic designer. I am just a programmer with good sense of aesthetics and style who also understands well the basic design principles.

In addition to web development for some time I'm experimenting with game development (MonoGame, XNA, Unity3D, Corona SDK, Unreal Engine) but for now this is just a hobby instead of serious occupation, however in the future I would like to pursue a career in this industry.

I love to work on interesting open source projects and I would help any way I could, so if you have fresh ideas and interesting projects and you think I could help you with something, do not hesitate to contact me.

by Roumen Damianoff